Short Term Installment Loans

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Short-Term Loan Lenders with low APR, Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas Finance provides short-term personal installment loans.  Loans can be hard for people with bad credit to secure. However, bad credit doesn’t make the bills disappear.  We have lower interest rates than payday loans and other direct lenders.  We have a fast approval process when you fill out our online loan application.  
Legally, we can’t have a ‘no credit check’ policy.  We have to require a credit check.  However, even if your credit check brings up a history of bad credit, we have successfully approved most of the installment loans applied for by people with poor and bad credit. 
When unexpected financial emergencies come up, we are here to get you a low interest, fast, and easy personal loan

     ◆ No bank account needed

     ◆ Proof of Steady Income

     ◆ Resident of Clark County for at least six months

     ◆ No application fee
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We are an honest loan company with helpful and friendly loan specialists. We won’t burden you with a high-interest payday loan. Our experienced Las Vegas Finance experts will make the process easy to get approval for personal installment loans, even with bad credit. We will do our best to get you approved for one of our low-interest loans with monthly payments that fit your budget.

$200-$5,000 Loans



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We will then ask you to visit our office and bring us your documentation.  If all the paperwork is in order, we can fund your loan right then! 

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